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Sunday, February 19, 2017

Please help Brittney's Baby girl!

Please be keeping the Baby girl, Mom , Dad, the brothers any Sisters all in your prayers as well as all those extended family and friends.

A lovely 24 year old lady murdered in her own home, straggled while her little three year old girl is there.  Someone comes to door and the little girl opens door, they find her Mommy lying there- how heart breaking, but then worse, the Mom of Brittney the 24 year old doesn't find out by the Police, she finds out by social media! Not sure of the time lapse but how horrific no matter what! 

I don't even watch the news since Cassandra's murder but I can't help but to hear of all the homicides still happening all around me.  so many people mentally disassociated from reality anymore , no connection to their own feelings and without that they can not have compassion for others! 

Brittney's little girl will need therapy, so will mom and dad, Brittney's brother may need it as well and as her Uncle he may need guidance on how to step in for his sister to help raise his little niece.  Pray for this family!!!!  

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

First Support Meeting of Desert of Hope POMC- Las Vegas

We did it, after months of our Group Leader, Laura working with the National organization of POMC and lining up our other Board members- a month of weekly board meetings, our first support meeting was held. 

July 6th 2016 was our first support meeting of Desert of Hope, POMC Las Vegas Chapter!  There were fifteen in attendance and parents that lost their loved ones anywhere from 8 months ago to twelve years ago, Each had their stories to share and their own way to uplift one another.  

Parents, siblings, family and friends gather to support one another, educate each other on the resources available. We advocate for one another as we go through stages of our case, detectives finding the murderers, going to trial, holding their hands through trial and being a shoulder to cry on or the friend to laugh with over the happy memories we want to keep alive of our loved ones.  

We are living through something most people can't ever imagine, yet we are growing stronger.  Day by day we will find new ways to keep our loved one's memory alive and keep their light shining on. 

Day by day we will find "Believable HOPE" = Hope based on evidence that change has been experienced by others in conditions similar to yours and is absolutely possible for you!

Desert of Hope
is exactly that - in the midst of our desert (the lowest valley of our life) we will find our HOPE through one another.  


AUGUST 3, 2016

Location:   Solutions Recovery 2975 S. Rainbow Blvd Suite C-2  ( turn left inside glass doors and 3rd door on right side)